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Crew Q & A: Olivia Fabian

What do you do at The Good Ones HQ?

I do a little bit of everything!  From managing production to planning launch parties and everything in between. A few of my favorite items on the ole to do list  are meeting new folks through customer service, dreaming up fun promotions (like our Heroville coloring contest), managing The Good Ones’ Instagram and blogging. I feel so lucky to have such a fun job!



Which TGO item is your favorite and why?

The Anything Ever ¾ Raglan! Those moments and memories with the good ones in your life are better than anything ever… The message is powerful and rings true. I also like this shirt because it’s so versatile. It looks so cute on little boys at baseball practice and equally as adorable on little girls, paired with skinny jeans and patent leather boots.



What is your current go to album?

I am currently really digging anything by Nancy Sinatra and Francoise Hardy but will always love The Zombies, The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones. Also, an often-overlooked gem for retro music lovers is Shocking Blue.


What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

I own a small company called OFabz Swimwear that sells retro bikini  and takes me on many exciting adventures. I also love going to rock ‘n’ roll shows with my wonderful soul mate, Derek. And on sunny days I go on walks with my little pup named Bowie T. Stardust and fly kites.


What words do you live by?

You can do anything you want in life.



What / where is your next adventure going to be?

I am currently on my greatest, next adventure showing our line of cutie bikinis at Fashion Week in Austin, Texas. 




Tour Blog 29: Brixton Lions

Growing up in Bricktown, we thought there were only four sports in the world: baseball/softball, basketball, football, and rock & roll.

Our pursuit of the fourth sport—rock & roll—has given us plenty of opportunities to have our minds blown by the wild games played around the globe. It’s a wide world of sports, indeed.

Soccer! Hockey! Figure skating! Golf! Tennis! Running! Cycling! And when we got the chance to go to England, a little something called CRICKET.

When we were in London, we went to the borough of Brixton, figuring it was the UK’s answer to our own beloved Bricktown. We had a fun old time with friends old and new, and got the chance to spend the day with the Brixton International Cricket Club’s Lions team—the champs!

They taught us all about the game, and the language that comes with it. We’ve never been more delighted: dibbly-dobbly! Chin music! Beamers, bouncers and bumpers! Floaters, flippers and featherbeds! Nurdles, nelsons and nightwatchmen! And of course, wicket-keepers.

The best part was how much we found out we all had in common.

Sometimes learning something completely new from someone makes you recognize the things that make you special, too. What can you share with someone today? What can you learn from them?

We left the Lions’ clubhouse with a box of Brixton tees. The good folks at The Good Ones Clothing are selling them for us. Get yours today, and bring on the chin music!

– Franklin


PS Download the coloring page above by clicking this link, and send us your favorite team uniform!

Crew Q & A: Matt Kelley


What do you do at The Good Ones HQ?

I get to lead! So I try to think up some big ideas, and then stay out of the way as my wildly capable, creative and collaborative coworkers bring them to life.

I used to be in a couple of bands, and that’s when I learned how great it is to surround yourself with people who are a lot more talented than you. When everyone is doing what they’re the best at, that’s a pretty special thing.




Which TGO item is your favorite and why?

I like the Fizzy Soda Tee.

One of my favorite parts of The Good Ones Clothing is that we get to inspire kids to use their imaginations and cannonball right into the wonderful pool that is “make-believe.”

It’s been tremendously rewarding to build a narrative through this clothing line. Hopefully the nuance is not lost. Nuance is what makes it special, I think.

When we wrote the bios for The Final Hurrahs, I was looking at a “Fact File” for the Australian rock band You Am I. It was a funny, reverent take on the Q&A’s you might see in a teenage fanclub magazine or website. YAI’s singer Tim Rogers listed the decidedly different soda Moxie as his favorite beverage; we loved it and created Fizzy for our band.


Replacements nerds at MSP


What is your current go-to album?

I have loved listening to the new tracks by The Final Hurrahs. It means the world to us when we hear from kids (and parents) who love their songs, too!

As for what’s on the turntable now… Well, this weekend was ‘National Record Store Day’ and I picked up an exclusive new album by Wesley Stace called Ovid in Exile. It’s got some great songs on it (though they’re not all that kid-friendly). BUT, a couple albums back, when he was still going by the name “John Wesley Harding,” Wes had a killer song called “Sing Your Own Song.” It’s a must-listen for you, and your kids.

Stace is a bit of a renaissance man and in addition to his music career, he’s a novelist four times over. His new book is Wonderkid; the story of an aspiring rock star who finds unlikely success fronting a “kindie” band. I’m about to dig in on this one, and can’t wait to do so. It’ll be good to see who The Final Hurrahs’ competition is at next year’s Grammy awards…



Cap’n Crunch Donut in Portland


What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

Run. Eat. Hang out with my own good ones.


Bruce nerds in Columbus


What words do you live by?

“More than rich. More than famous. More than happy… I wanted to be great.” — Bruce Springsteen

“He not busy being born is busy dying.” — Bob Dylan


Breast Cancer Marathon, JAX


What / where is your next adventure going to be?

I ran two marathons in the last six months, and am training for a third this June!



Tour Blog 28: Heroville Comics!


“Today, we become super-kids!”


Comic books can set your imagination free. And when your imagination runs wild, great things can happen!

You might invent something new. You might think up a song or a poem or a dance. You might have the adventure of a lifetime.

Comic books tell great stories, and stories make the world go ‘round.

We love reading comics while we’re on tour, between classes, in the dugout, on the school bus, during meals (gotta be sneaky), while the TV is on and, best of all, while the TV is off.

Our favorite comic book store is Heroville Comics—“home of heroes, villains, and all of the super-kids in between!”

Do you have a comic book store in your town? Ask your parents if you can go hang out there for an afternoon. It could set your imagination free.

– Paulie


PS The good folks who work at Heroville Comics are giving away one free t-shirt to readers of our blog! All you have to do to enter is color in this drawing (or sketch up your own), and send it to The Good Ones. Download the coloring page above by clicking this link.

Heroville Comics Coloring Contest

Calling all coloring superheroes!

We’re giving away a Heroville Comics Tee to the good one with the coloring page that shows the most creativity and originality. Markers, pencils, crayons, pom-poms, googly eyes and imagination are strongly encouraged.

Click here to download a coloring page.

Send us a photo of the coloring page, scan and email or mail it to TGO HQ. Submit or postmark all entries by 11:59 EST on Sunday May, 4th. Physical entries will not be returned. Age 12 months -10 eligible for entry.

Email entries to: 

or mail them to:
The Good Ones
1301 Lafayette St. Suite 201
Fort Wayne, IN. 46802