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And the Super Star of the week is…

Today the Super Star of the week is Abby! You were our first comment, and heck you were right too! Princess Leia was held in detention block AA-23! Since the trivia question was about such an epic movie, it’s only fitting that the prize is epic too!

5 TGO wooden hangers featuring our favorite band’s #1 fan Paulie! Designed and made in good ol’ Indiana, these hangers were made to sport your TGO whenever you’re not! AHHHHH, can you tell we are excited about these?!

Miss Abby, please email Sam at with your address so we can get these shipped your way!

Thanks to all the Star Wars loving fans for participating!! I have a feeling we will have another contest soon, so check back!



January 20, 2015 - 2:54 pm

Abby - I am so excited! Thank you so much!!!!!!! Emailing now. :) My son will love these! He still has the original TGO poster on his wall and loves it!!

January 20, 2015 - 3:52 pm

Amanda L - Congrats Abby!
And to TGO: Whaaaaa? Those hangers are AWESOME- please tell us you’ll have them available in the shop soon!

You Can Call Her A Dreamer

We’ve got brains and guts, but we’ve also got dreams. And these dreams have only gotten bigger this year by adding a new member to the TGO crew. Denise DeMarchis, mother of 2 of the original Good Ones Joe and Gabe, is a dreamer, an inspirer, and a creator. She’s had about every job you can imagine, from working at KFC to running her own gift shop to traveling art fairs around the country selling her hand painted designs.

Smart, curious, BRAVE! These words describe her perfectly, but don’t quite paint the entire picture. So for all of you that don’t know Denise, below are a few interesting facts about her!

Oh, and one last thing you should know about this lady? She loves a good ol’ fashion contest. So in typical Denise fashion, let’s have a blog contest with a surprise prize! This question comes from her Star Wars loving husband, David DeMarchis:

 In which detention block was Princess Leia held as a prisoner in the Death Star?

Alright, we will pick the first person with correct answer and post the winner tomorrow!



January 19, 2015 - 5:31 pm

Abby - Cell Block AA23 :) we love Star Wars too

January 19, 2015 - 5:32 pm

Stephanie - Detention Block AA-23

January 19, 2015 - 5:34 pm

Melody - AA23

January 19, 2015 - 5:35 pm

Kari - Detention Block AA-23

January 19, 2015 - 5:35 pm

Stacey C - AA23… I’ll admit, I had to look it up…. Love Star Wars, but had no idea… Love TGO’s and you Denise!

January 19, 2015 - 5:38 pm

Stephanie - My first comment was on the FB page under the post because I couldn’t get the comment area to show up on the blog. ;) (Lilah Harris) So excited for Denise!

January 19, 2015 - 5:47 pm

Michelle B - had to rely on my son the Star Wars buff in our family. He says, “duh, Mom, Detention Block AA-23.”

January 19, 2015 - 7:16 pm

Laura C. - Block AA.23

January 19, 2015 - 7:59 pm

Abby P - AA 23. My 5 year old is the biggest Star Wars (and TGO) fan ever!

January 19, 2015 - 8:57 pm

Brandi Samm - Detention block AA23

January 19, 2015 - 8:59 pm

MissyJungling - Block AA-23

January 20, 2015 - 3:00 am

yoga_bean - Oh my gosh, I love this photo! So many familiar faces, looking so happy! Joe … love the smile on your face, too!! Yea, Denise, I think this is going to be a very good year for you :) .Oh, by the way, the answer is ;) : “Detention Block AA-23,” I think?

January 29, 2015 - 5:57 pm

Shannon - Det Block AA 23 cell 2187! So fun

January 29, 2015 - 6:13 pm

Beth Rorex - Detention Block AA-23

January 29, 2015 - 10:26 pm

Ewoks_rock - I really don’t have a clue but will go with everyone else on this and say AA-22.

January 31, 2015 - 1:35 am

Melissa - aa 23 …. With 2 boys about the same exact ages of Denise’s, I have sat through or folded laundry, cooked dinner through these movies at least 50000 times. :)

A Little Bit Louder Now

The show’s not over…until it’s OVER. Someone famous said that, right? Well here at the TGO Headquarters we know this to be true. Just when you think we’ve moved on, we come back bigger and louder than ever before.

For instance, we’ve got a great team assembled for the New Year! Alongside Matt (our office genius), Olivia (your go-to-girl for all things TGO), and Jake, Jono, Emma, Tommy, Shane (the great graphic designers that dream up songs with the band The Final Hurrahs) and Beth, Bridget and Michelle, we are adding Denise DeMarchis and Sam McDonald to the lineup. Have you heard of these chicks? They’re like Batman and Robin. Or Ren and Stimpy. Or maybe Peanut Butter and Jelly. We will hear more about this super duo later this week! But for now….

If there’s one thing our new gals Denise and Sam dig; it’s COLOR. So let’s welcome them to the team the best way we know how with a coloring contest! You know all those coloring pages we’ve posted over the year? Well now’s your chance to show us your crayon/marker/glitter/pencil/painting skills!

First off, print your pup! Go to and choose the tour blog with the coloring page you like best. After you’ve got your page in hand, choose your favorite coloring supplies and get to work! Post a photo of your masterpiece on The Good Ones Facebook for a chance to win a $50 TGO gift card!

We will pick 3 lucky winners!! The contest ends January 31st so you’ll wanna get started soon! The winners will be on the blog by Feb 3rd.

Can’t wait to share what we’ve got up our sleeves this year. Stay tuned!



January 19, 2015 - 5:33 pm

Stephanie - Detention Block AA-23

Back in the Studio

We’re not going anywhere. In fact, we’re back in the studio—and looking forward to a great 2015!

Here’s the latest.

First off, the Make a Mighty Difference Sale was a resounding success! We thank you for supporting The Good Ones Clothing and Mighty Acorn Foundation. The funds raised for the foundation will directly assist the Changing the Face of Beauty initiative, which is such an incredibly important and beautiful cause.

Along the way, we sold out of most of our inventory—including everything kids-sized. (Note: we did just add a limited quantity of adult-sized Riot Fest tees (1-2-3-4! and Takeover), and of course, we have the Live Bold tee—supporting Poptique Popcorn’s Lindsey Hively.)

What’s next?

We’re gathered ‘round the table again—our favorite table!—and more inspired than ever. Yup, we’re working a masterpiece—or two. We’ll be back in 2015 with two collections.

You can keep track of the adventure on this blog. We’re taking photos and videos all along the way, and can’t wait to share the story—and the new clothing—with all of you.

We appreciate your patience and support. We love being a band, and we love being a band with purpose. And your smiling kids give us that purpose.

Thank you,

The team at The Good Ones Clothing

Live Bold—and Love Poptique

Proudly show your love for Lindsey Hively and Poptique Gourmet Popcorn with our new ‘Live Bold’ tee.


All proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to Lindsey’s fund. For more information, please visit or

The Live Bold Tee features a screen-printed design on a suuuupersoft tri-blend shirt.


The tee also features a screen-printed detail near the bottom of the shirt that shows off the gourmet popcorn of Poptique and also adds a bit of fun.

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