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Product Spotlight: Brixton Cricket Club Tee

Brixton—sister district to our beloved Bricktown USA—is home of the Brixton Lions, one of the world’s fiercest cricket clubs. We only wish we understood how to play!

The Brixton Cricket Club Tee features a suuuuuper soft tone-on-tone screen printed design.

This vibrant red tee also boasts screen-printed sleeve art… to show your Brixton Lions team spirit while you’re up to bat.

The signature TGO tag is sewn in with pride on the front bottom band of the tee.

So carry the bat, turn up the chin music and sport the Brixton Cricket Club Tee to your next match!


Tour Blog 36: July 4, 2014

The Fourth of July. Independence Day. The National Day of the United States!

Ol’ July 4th sure has a lot of names, eh?

When we hear “The Fourth of July,” we tend to think about flags and fireworks, parades and cookouts—and hopefully a big helping of fun times. And that’s pretty cool. You see, we get to enjoy all of those things because of the freedom we enjoy here in the United States, and that freedom came along with us gaining independence.

We all get to enjoy independence because of some courageous Americans who won a battle called the Revolutionary War back in 1776. July 4th, to be precise.

And now, we observe July 4th as our nation’s birthday. The cookout and yard games? That’s part of celebrating the big day. And it’s important we take part in these celebrations, and really enjoy ourselves!

It’s also important that we take a moment to think about what it means to enjoy independence. Turns out, we’re pretty much all patriots. And as patriots, we get to help the country become better, every day.

So take some time on July 4th to daydream about what you’ll do to make America great!

It’s a pretty great thing, having the freedom to make a difference.


– Paulie

PS Download the coloring page above by clicking this link!

Unplugged Summer Activity #1: Fixing Bikes

We believe that summer is all about getting outside, riding bikes, building forts, playing games and having fun with friends. To keep the dream alive, we’ll be posting projects and activities to keep you learning and motivated all summer long.

We call it our “Unplugged Summer”!

Our first activity in TGO’s Unplugged Summer is fixing bikes! Watch this quick tutorial from to learn how to repair a puncture… and then ride your bike to the park!

Tour Blog 35: Be Prepared – Franklin

It was pretty cool hearing about Stuart and Adrian’s Rock ’n’ Roll Scout badges, eh? Our whole band has loved the chance to get better and better.

A lot of it is about playing. A lot is about practice. A lot is about perseverance—not to mention courage. (And trust us, later in life, courage will serve you very well indeed.)

But a favorite lesson of mine was when we learned how to talk about making music. Turns out, it’s all about prepositions.

Let’s have a preposition party!


We love to rock out.

To play on.

To get down.

To rise up.

To chase after.

To elevate above.

To fly by.

To jump in.

To bounce around.

To roll about.

To get with.

To hop onto.

To leap over.

To chase after.

To sing along.

And on and on and on and on.


What’s your favorite preposition?

– Franklin


PS Download the coloring page above by clicking this link!