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Pin to Win a TGO Shopping Spree!

We were so inspired by all of the entries from our last Pin to Win contest that we’ve decided to do another one! This time, the theme is Better Than Anything Ever!

We love seeing how you style The Good Ones goodies and what inspires you and your little good ones.

Here are the details…

  1. Follow TGO on Pinterest ( 
  2. Create a board with the title The Good Ones: Better Than Anything Ever
  3. Pin photos of what “Better than Anything Ever” means to you… Pin your favorite items from The Good Ones Pinterest, upload images of your little good ones, or include other images you find inspiring and relevant to your experience and adventures with The Good Ones. Whatever inspires you!
  4. Send your name, preferred email address and URL of your board to
            Judging Criteria
  • Use of The Good Ones images
  • Creativity in styling The Good Ones products
  • Ability to capture the spirit of the brand through use of non-TGO images
  • Overall aesthetic and creativity of the mood board
  • Ready, set, pin! The contest starts now!
  • June 8th – Deadline to submit contest entries
  • June 12th – Winners are announced and notified via email



1st Prize  - A TGO Shopping Spree! Winner will choose their favorite shirt, pants and jacket from any items on
2nd Prize- Anything Ever Prize Pack (Anything Ever Tee & World Tour Jacket)
3rd Prize- TGO Merch Kit (Numero One CD, TGO water bottle, TGO stickers, posters and a note from The Final Hurrahs)
Head on over to The Good Ones Pinterest page to get started…
                                                    We just can’t wait to see what “Better Than Anything Ever” means to you!

Tour Blog 32: Be Prepared

Here with The Good Ones Clothing, and in our band—The Final Hurrahs—we love having goals. We like to know where we’re going, and we like to stretch ourselves…especially if we can stretch out in the sun!

So we all loved it when we heard about the Rock ’n’ Roll Scouts.

It’s like a secret society for kids who love dancing, playing loud guitars, singing along to songs and, most of all, having fun!

I was excited to hear about the “Guitar Slingin’” badge and just had to earn one myself.

It became my goal.

It took some work. Practice. Practice. Practice! Sometimes practice seems like the thing you’d least like to do with your time. But the thing is, after practice—whether you’ve practiced with a soccer ball, a guitar, or a math worksheet—you kinda feel pretty great about yourself.

That’s why we love having goals.

And that’s why I’m super proud about my new badge.

Pick up your own Rock ’n’ Roll Scout tee from The Good Ones Clothing. 

– Adrian

PS Download the coloring page above by clicking this link!

Crew Q & A: Tommy Cutter

What do you do at The Good Ones HQ?

I make sure the website works and looks awesome. That involves doing lots of research, writing code and some design. I also help with some of the music videos.

Which TGO item is your favorite and why?

I like the Fizzy Soda Tee. I love the illustrations and details. Green is my favorite color too.

What is your current go to album? 

I’ve been listening to Forcefield by Tokyo Police Club a lot lately. Their songs get stuck in my head all the time.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my girlfriend Jess and our two dogs Bob and Molly. I like running too. Molly comes with me sometimes. In addition to running, I try to stay healthy be eating good food. I always like to try new, fun recipes every week. On the weekends, I love to go see movies. Storytelling through film has always really intrigued me and it’s fun to experience something through someone else’s eyes for a couple of hours. When I have time, I love to play guitar and record music too.

What words do you live by?

Be nice to people.

What / where is your next adventure going to be?

We’re going to Portland this summer for vacation. We’re looking forward to seeing the redwoods, some live music and maybe drinking a few local beers.


Tour Blog 31: Roadside Rex

Valley of the Vans. Cadillac Ranch. Zoo-over-Zurich. We’ve been to all of ‘em!

When it comes to tours (and vacations), we love a big-time destination, we really do. But it’s those stops in between that seem to create the best memories, and really capture our imaginations.

Highway attractions—don’t miss ‘em!

We found Roadside Rex as we were heading to see that California starlight.

The skies out west were bigger than we’d ever seen before, and so were the Tricera Tacos.

Roadside Rex was a little slice of perfection for us. We love it when people say “They sure don’t make ‘em like that anymore…”—and there’s really no other way to describe Rex, the three-story dino who greets every adventurous traveler on that westbound highway.

We left the dinosaur café with bellies full of fries and malts, and a van full of Roadside Rex tees…and by popular demand, onesies! And now, the fun folks at The Good Ones Clothing are selling them! Get yours today. 

See you soon. And remember, take one extra photo today, in front of your own roadside attraction. Use your imagination!

– Stuart

PS Download the coloring page above by clicking this link, and send us your favorite team uniform!

Crew Q & A: Paige Strong

What do you do at The Good Ones HQ?

Well, I tend to do a little bit of everything… I field many of the CustomerService@ inquiries and love working with customers to make sure they (and their kids) are happy with their Good Ones order. I play a part in the new style/development and design process. One of our goals is for everything to be soft and comfy so I love working with our team to produce these items that kids just love to wear more than anything else in their closet.


Which TGO item is your favorite and why?

It’s hard to choose just one. I really love them all or I would have probably noted a change at some point in the design/production process.  I have said from the beginning that I’d love one of the Road Trip hoodies in my size. It is one of our softest styles. It has enough big pockets to hold about anything. I love the thumbholes and I especially like the reflective flap on the back for bike safety. It took some extra planning to have that part produced correctly and trust me it was worth it.


What is your current go to album?

I have grown to really like all types of music so choosing just one is pretty tough. I can’t get enough of the Garden State movie soundtrack. It is a great mix of artists and I could just listen to it over and over… and I do. It makes me happy.


What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

I get to do lots of fun things like play with my dogs, go on bike rides, go shopping, hang out with my boyfriend, family and friends …etc. There are also “fun” things that I do that might not seem fun to everyone else. I am a DIY type of person and I am always trying to come up with creative ways to make something fun and new out of other things. Looking for a diamond in the rough to repaint or refinish is fun for me and it gives me a good feeling that I made something new out of something old.

What / where is your next adventure going to be?

Summer fun, at the lake! We have a family lake cottage and I am so looking forward to the good times with friends and family at the lake this summer.  My boyfriend, Shad, and I have an Australian Shepard and she loves jumping off the pier into the water to fetch a Frisbee—over and over and over again. She has the best time playing in the water. We have a new little puppy that has not experienced the lake yet but I think she will love it too. Can’t wait!