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Product Spotlight: Frank Pantalones

Sidewalk or street, trail or track… seriously, the Frank Pantalones are built for bike ride adventurin’ and off road wheelin’. Here at The Good Ones HQ, we are proud supporters of working hard but playing harder. We support Saturday afternoon treehouse meetings and the Monday morning bike ride to homeroom. We believe that kids don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety. We believe that you and your good ones will love the Frank Panalones. Here’s why…

The Frank Pantalones are made with a breathable cotton to keep kids at a comfortable temperature while skateboarding and tree climbing.

The Frank Pantalones also feature fold-up reflective cuffs. Fold ‘em down during science class and then fold ‘em up to bike to the playground. The reflective detail not only makes your little one feel like a superhero, it also keeps them visible during outdoor activities of all kinds.

 The red woven drawstring is not just for looks. It is fully adjustable for all the slim kids out there who are tired of belts.

For added comfort… and to make sure your pants stay up, we added a TGO elastic waist band. This light green and teal band is super soft, even for the pickiest of picky of our miniature customers.

The Frank Pantalones even include valuable, lifelong advice… like the best (and only) guitar strings to use. 

“The Goodest. Guaranteed.” Our promise is printed forever on the inside of our Frank Pantalones.

Also, we know it can be tough to keep track of whose gear is whose so we added a spot on the inside of the Frank Pantalones where you can write your name, band and school to keep things straight.

Embroidered bicycle arrows help guide you to your reflective cuffs and striped buttons secure them in place.

All in all we put a lot of love into the details on the Frank Pantalones and we hope you love them too!


The Good Ones

Needles And Pins

We recently had a Pinterest contest in which many charming folks created pin boards titled, “My Little Good Ones”. On these boards they pinned images of their adorable little babes, images from The Good Ones and other photos they felt captured the sense of adventure and imagination of The Good Ones brand. The results were amazing. Not only did the number of people who entered the contest astonish us, but also the quality and time spent on each entry was incredible. Judging the contest was a wonderful and inspiring experience that allowed us a glimpse into your lives. It also gave us the opportunity to see the items that once lived in our imagination, now out in the world. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we’re cooking up some new ways to continue to connect with the people who share the love of the clothing and rock music that we hold so dearly.

But without further adieu, it is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Pinterest contest… drumroll… drumroll… c’mon one more… drumroll…


Molly Weber!

Molly did an amazing job of presenting photos of her adorable little fella, displaying her favorite images for The Good Ones and an incredible job of capturing the spirit of TGO through additional images. Molly pinned photos of her little good one climbing trees in his Safe at Home tee and donning a fake mustache in his Master of Complications tee. She also added a snapshot of the sticks and treasures he put in the pocket of his Stage Stack tee while on a stroll with his trusty tiger. Her images really captured the soul of The Good Ones Clothing. Molly won a $100 gift card to shop our website and a virtual high five from all of us here in Bricktown. Great job Molly!


Amanda Lewis!

Amanda’s photos of her kids were beyond delightful and creative. The photo she pinned of her boy’s  Gentleman’s Western shirt styled as a sheriff was a favorite here at The Good Ones HQ and the Fizzy Soda tee accessorized with a cape also received rave reviews. Snapshots of curbside popsicle breaks in The Good Ole T-Shirt Tee and cowboy adventures in the Cattywampus Sweatshirt also topped our list. Amanda won the World Tour Prize pack just in time for her little super hero’s birthday so we had The Final Hurrahs sign his card and sent him good vibes and bday love.


Lori Brooks!

Lori’s photos of her kids in coordinating outfits from The Good Ones and Matilda Jane made our hearts melt. Her theme of The Good Ones out in the world was brilliant. Lori’s little guy’s Heads-nTails Tee at the park and his Stage Stack Tee at the fair were especially adorable but his Graffiti Tee at the grocery store had to be the absolute greatest of them all. I think we’ve all been there. Lori won The Good Ones swag bag full of posters, tunes, stickers, buttons and a TGO water bottle.

Thanks so much for entering The Good Ones Pin to Win Contest (seriously, this was so much fun) and sharing a glimpse into life with your little good ones.

Stay tuned for new contests, giveaways, sales and antics by signing up for our VIP newsletter.


Dedicated Follower of Fashions


Our pals over at recently rounded up the top trends in kids clothing for Spring 2014. They predict that the coolest items on the playground are going to be military style, khaki outerwear and pieces with a vintage vibe.

We are proud to announce that our World Tour Jacket was featured in this collection of key trends for little fellas.

A few girlie trends were also mentioned in this spring fashion review and our lovely ENK Children’s Club booth neighbor, Joyfolie, was also a standout in the military trend.

Pick up your on trend World Tour Jacket at today and stay tuned for our Spring/Summer collection!


The Good Ones

Pin to Win $100 Gift Card!

We know you are all Pinterest superstars and we want to reward you for it!

We love seeing how you style The Good Ones goodies and what inspires you and your little good ones.

Here are the details…

Four Easy Steps to Enter

  1. Follow The Good Ones on Pinterest
  2. Create a board with the title “My Little Good Ones”
  3. Pin your favorite items from The Good Ones Pinterest, upload images of your little good ones, or include other images you find inspiring and relevant to your experience with The Good Ones. Whatever inspires you!
  4. Send your name, preferred email address and URL of your board to by  February 5.


Fun Prizes

First place will win a $100 gift card!

Second place will win a World Tour Prize Pack (World Tour Jacket, The Good Ones water bottle, Numero One CD, buttons, stickers and posters)

Third place will win The Good Ones Swag Bag (The Good Ones water bottle, Numero One CD, buttons, stickers and posters)

Judging Criteria

  • Use of The Good Ones images
  • Creativity in styling The Good Ones products
  • Ability to capture the spirit of the brand through use of non-TGO images
  • Overall aesthetic of the mood board


Dates of Contest

  • Deadline to submit contest entries is Wednesday, February 5 at 11:59 EST.
  • Winners will be announced February 10.
  • Winners will be notified via email address given at time of entry.

Contest ends February 5th so get pinning because we can’t wait to be inspired by you! 

New York State of Mind

New York is the kind of city that makes you feel alive. It makes you feel like you are about to bump into the coolest person on earth and that you could do anything. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city streets, we made our way to Pier 92 for ENK’s Children’s Club trade show. The venue was filled with companies ranging from fresh new startups to fifty year fixtures in the industry.

We had many adventures on the trip but it all started on the open road. Laughing, bonding, planning and dreaming while driving through the plains and the mountains made the coolest boardroom ever.

Getting to and from the show also raised some eyebrows… Because walking through the streets of Manhattan with child-sized mannequins is how we roll.

The Good Ones lived at booth 1660 at ENK and it was glorious. The space was filled with our favorite gear for Spring and some sneak peek items for Fall. Our little store was also filled with CDs, amp boxes, and (of course) music! The booth could have easily doubled as a practice for The Final Hurrahs but we used it to meet new retailers and show them new lines of The Good Ones tees, pants, sweaters and shirts.

We also used a little free time for some side excursions…

We saluted the toy soldiers at FAO Schwartz.

We watched the skaters at Rockefeller Center.

We gawked at the windows of Bergdorf Goodman.

We let the carousel horses carry us through Bryant Park.

We took a tour of Barbie’s dream house before the T-rex scared us out of our wits at Jurassic Park.

We took a bite out of some shark shaped gummies at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

We strolled through Central Park.

We felt our jaws drop at the sights and sounds of Times Square.

Oh and the pizza is just as good as they say.

All in all we had a fantastic New York adventure and can’t wait to visit again for ENK in March.


The Good Ones Crew