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Happy Release Day

Release day is a fun day around Bricktown. Everyone says ‘Happy Release Day!’ as they walk into the office and there is just a feeling of excitement and anticipation. Not just on release day *but especially on release day* everyone lends a helping hand, a high five or a pat on the back. Our little office is electric and filled with contagious laughter and is wonderful and I love it.

p.s. this is the view from me and Bullfrog’s desk

This release is extra special because it’s the first of our Backstage Pass releases. Backstage Pass gives the designers a chance to share some extra special artwork with you. Without the parameters of a collection theme, they are free to dream up anything at all. A surf shop like the one they loved back home, a sushi/karaoke joint that they’d love to frequent or our dearest Final Hurrahs’ written in the stars. All so unique and all so wonderful.

Today is also the debut of Swag Sets. Not only do these sets give you a discount, but they pair items from across collections to create boxes full of fun. I really can’t wait until the reach your doorsteps!

Although I love all the suuuuupersoft goodness in these Backstage Pass items, I do have two favorites…

1. The Hot Wasabi’s Tee because its soooo cute and because karaoke is something we really love here at TGO HQ. We love hanging out together and singing out little hearts out and this tee just reminds me of great times with even greater people.

2. I am obsessed with the All Over Overalls because I love dressing my son Arlo in comfy clothing that’s still super stylish… and easy for mom to get on and off.  Pluuuus I love that the straps are adjustable so the overalls can grow as fast as he does.

But my absolute favorite thing about every release day is all of you. I love chatting with you over email. I love seeing photos of your little ones in the clothing so dear to my heart. I love connecting with you on social media. And I really, really love writing notes to all of you old pals and new buddies. I can’t tell you how much I (and all of us here at TGO) appreciate ALL OF YOU!

Thanks so much and Happy Release Day!




Good Vibes

I talk about luck a lot. How I feel lucky, but I don’t quite believe in luck. Confusing, right? I think it’s because luck is made. It’s a thing we create when we really listen to our friends and keep their secrets, when we pick up a penny face up and make a wish, or when we do something to make a stranger smile. That’s luck. It’s created by opening up our hearts and sharing a piece of ourselves, believing in our imaginations, and doing the right thing. I know that’s what comes full circle in the end. That’s what gives us that extra skip in our step and makes us feel lucky.

And boy am I lucky. I haven’t send that before right?! Ha, well I am. And so are you. If you’re reading this you’ve got a phone or a computer that has the internet. Woo hoo! I say you’re already winning. Not to pull the children in Africa card, but…there are children in Africa, children and PEOPLE everywhere without such an awesome luxury. See, look how luck you are!

Now that we’ve all decided that we’ve been kissed by ol’ lady luck at least once, how about we spread that luck, spread that love, even further?

Denise DeMarchis is the person that taught me how lucky I am. She taught me so much more than designing and creating, she taught me to give. To give all of me. Even when I thought I already was!! Dang she is smart.

Well, that’s a lesson we want to continue teaching just in time for back to school. We want to spread a little luck and send some Good Vibes to those who need them.

Here’s the deal. We want to send Good Vibe packages to your friend that missed the bus on the first day of school, or the kid that gets picked last on the kickball team. Or the kid that did ALL of their summer reading (who does that!?). We want to package up a whole lot of love and give someone a reason to smile, to feel lucky.

So think hard. Find a penny, make a wish. Then get on your awesome devices and send an email to We will need the age, size, name, and address, and a fun fact or story of the nominated person(s). We will then pick a few and send out the Good Vibes anonymously. Hopefully creating a whole lot of smiles along the way!

Now that we’ve started the Good Vibe train, we can’t stop here. Please do us a favor and send nominations whenever your heart thinks of it! The TGO team will be randomly sending out Good Vibes throughout the year…starting now!

So let’s do some good. Let’s make some smiles. And create some luck for someone that needs it.

Shall we?



Have a Bigggrrr! Adventure

So … my kids can be pretty wild. Most of the time. And sometimes that can be a little frustrating—when I’m trying to get something done in a hurry—but for the most part it is a joy to be a part of.
They have an infectious energy for life and for adventure. And everything they are doing is going to be the best thing ever, (unless it’s boring, Dad).
That’s really the motivation behind this piece. To make a hoodie that is the go-to for the next great adventure. The one that is the first thing packed in the backpack for the camping trip. The sleeve that will be the best to wipe the smore from their face with. The race suit for charging the next hill, or to warm up with after a swim. With pockets deep enough to carry their latest favorite thing. We wanted to make something that could handle any adventure and maybe even inspire a few.
So we loaded this thing up with adventure themed graphics and patches, flocked lettering, thumb holes and raised ink custom bear claws. If your lil’ man has big plans for adventuring, this thing is ready to go.
Because at The Good Ones we know, there’s plenty of time to grow up, theres plenty of time to get Bigggrrr!
August 12, 2015 - 11:31 am

mom of two - super cute items! my son adores it all, but school has a dress code prohibiting graphics of any kind and name ‘brands’, if printed on apparel, have to be small enough for a credit card to cover it up. i will keep checking the site in hopes that some plain (yet cute and comfy) attire will be designed for boys who have a dress code to abide by.

The Final Hurrahs! Headin’ back, back, back to school



Are they the three worst words? BacktoSchool… In The Final Hurrahs, we’re not so sure. We kinda like them!

We think the only downside of going back to school is it makes us realize just how fast time flies. Our buddy Bob said “Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast.” It’s more like a rocket ship, Bob!

We’re here to enjoy it, and to do our best to make sure every day is full of creative, fun times. The best way to do that is to be with our friends, dreaming up new ideas.

And most of our friends are at school.

We’re ready for high-fives. We’re ready to see who got new glasses, who lost their braces. Who spiked their hair and who has the scabs to prove they had the most untamed summer ever. Who is in our home room, and if our locker numbers changed.

And of course, everyone’s sporting their new duds—even if the new duds are TGO hand-me-downs. (Good Old T-Shirt, anyone?)

Doesn’t matter to us. We are all here to shine.

Adrian and The Final Hurrahs

Gotta go with your gut

Excuse me for sounding cliché, but I’m one of those “heroes always win” types. Always have been. To me, the good guys always triumph. Yes, my feelings have wavered…a bit here or there. Heck, let’s just be honest and say recently I didn’t believe it at all. But I know it’s true. I know she would want me to continue to believe it’s true.

One of my favorite parts of the Good Ones is that you’ll never see a scary skull & crossbones, a flaming 8 ball, or some wicked gambling clown on one of our supersoft graphic tees. These images are a bit mature to me, depicting a world of villains and negativity that this real world (full of so much negativity) doesn’t really need any more of. Especially on your sweet boy or girl.

Now I’m certainly not one to judge, because basically I love everybody and people say “I’ve never met a stranger.” Because really, this great big world full of design needs to have all the colors, themes, fabrics, trims and fantasies it can get. That’s what keeps us creative! That’s what keeps us expressing ourselves in our designs and in turn helps you’re little ones express themselves, too. That’s what we are all about at the Good Ones, making sure we stay creative so your little love bug can too.

Judgement aside, I do believe I am one to design thoughtfully. Meaning here at The Good Ones we’ll shout rock & roll from the rooftops, we’ll travel across Europe in a tour van, and we’ll String the Stars in the sky for you. And we’ll always be thinking of ways to be a positive sparkle in your babe’s day.

This week as I lay awake at night, brain too full to sleep (unless I take a benadryl like last night!), I want to share these thoughts with you.

The heart of a company, our company, is the most important thing we’ve got. And we will always want to open it up and share it with you. Each release is a swan song to our customers, each design is a diamond that fell out of one of our heads, and every time we see these duds come to life on your kiddos it truly ignites fireworks in our souls.

I’m proud of our next round of TGO gear: The Back to School Edition. I’m proud of everything I’ve done this year and the team I *still* get to be apart of. I’m proud to be a Good One and to follow in the steps of the best one ever.

Set your clocks for 8am EST Friday morning. We’ll be waiting for ya!



July 27, 2015 - 6:34 pm

Missy J - No need for that alarm; I’ll be waiting for you! Can’t wait!

July 28, 2015 - 10:08 am

Jane Hurtig - waiting with open arms!!!

July 28, 2015 - 10:47 am

Ingrid levy - You are my inspiration Sam! Can’t wait to see the release!

July 28, 2015 - 12:02 pm

Susan Whetstone - So proud of you!

July 28, 2015 - 12:07 pm

Kaitlin Petersen - Your thoughts about design and what makes a company great are so positive and inspiring. We appreciate your awareness, and your dedication to providing different, unique, and appropriate clothing for our chaps ;) We are really looking forward to the new release!! Keep up the great work!!

July 28, 2015 - 9:45 pm

Katherine - I feel so much in your words, Sam. Thank you for being such a positive force in this world!

July 28, 2015 - 11:05 pm

MelissM - Sam, I love that TGO only depicts positive images and messages for little boys to wear proudly. And I love that you are designing. Much love and prayers to you. XOXO MM