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Tour Blog 37: Be Prepared – Bullfrog

Back to schoooooool! Can you even believe it?

We’ve loved the chance to catch up with old friends, and meet some new ones, too. New, different people with cool backgrounds and experiences—and now we get to make new memories together!

But when Saturday comes around, after a long week of early mornings and late nights (homework and playing outside and band practice)…well, by Saturday morning, I’m hiding out in the California Starlight and catching up on my zzzz’s.

Hey, playing “lead drums” is hard work! I’m not exactly rolling in clover.

That’s part of being a Rock ’n’ Roll Scout: you have to find balance. You can be awesome at school, and have tons of fun outside the classroom. And you can have tons of fun outside the classroom, and be awesome at school. (It’s when one outweighs the other that you should be concerned.)

“Balance” sounds boring, but remember this math equation, and we think you’ll agree that it’s actually pretty exciting.

More Balance x More Smiles = More Awesome Fun Times

Be good to your parents, and help them balance everything they have going on, too.


– Bullfrog


PS Download the coloring page above by clicking this link!

Product Spotlight: Bullfrog Polo

It’s family photo day—yikes! What to wear? Dress your good one up with the soft, fitted Bullfrog Polo.

An oversized portrait of Bullfrog in orange embroidery stitch adds a bit of fun to this crisp, white polo.

This supersoft polo was made in the USA and features a TGO tag that was sewn in with pride.

School portrait day? Family photos? First day of 2nd grade? Just throw on the Bullfrog Polo and your little good one will look super cool and camera ready in a snap.


Product Spotlight: Brixton Cricket Club Tee

Brixton—sister district to our beloved Bricktown USA—is home of the Brixton Lions, one of the world’s fiercest cricket clubs. We only wish we understood how to play!

The Brixton Cricket Club Tee features a suuuuuper soft tone-on-tone screen printed design.

This vibrant red tee also boasts screen-printed sleeve art… to show your Brixton Lions team spirit while you’re up to bat.

The signature TGO tag is sewn in with pride on the front bottom band of the tee.

So carry the bat, turn up the chin music and sport the Brixton Cricket Club Tee to your next match!