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The Final Hurrahs! Headin’ back, back, back to school

Friends! Are they the three worst words? Back…to…School… In The Final Hurrahs, we’re not so sure. WeView full post »

Tour Blog 37: Be Prepared – Bullfrog

Back to schoooooool! Can you even believe it? We’ve loved the chance to catch up with old friends, and meet some newView full post »

Tour Blog 36: July 4, 2014

The Fourth of July. Independence Day. The National Day of the United States! Ol’ July 4th sure has a lot of names, ehView full post »

Tour Blog 35: Be Prepared – Franklin

It was pretty cool hearing about Stuart and Adrian’s Rock ’n’ Roll Scout badges, eh? Our whole band has loved theView full post »

Tour Blog 34: Be Prepared – Stuart

I’m a certified frontman. You see, I earned it! And that feels pretty great. Did you read Adrian’s note about hisView full post »

Tour Blog 33: Follow the Sound

A fuller sound. We’ve always tried to keep it lean & mean: two guitars, bass and lead drums. And a bit ofView full post »

Tour Blog 32: Be Prepared

Here with The Good Ones Clothing, and in our band—The Final Hurrahs—we love having goals. We like to know where weView full post »

Tour Blog 31: Roadside Rex

Valley of the Vans. Cadillac Ranch. Zoo-over-Zurich. We’ve been to all of ‘em! When it comes to tours (and vacationsView full post »

Tour Blog 30: National Bike Week!

Did you know that May is National Bike Month here in the good ol’ U S of A? That’s pretty awesome. The Good OnesView full post »

Tour Blog 29: Brixton Lions

Growing up in Bricktown, we thought there were only four sports in the world: baseball/softball, basketball, football,View full post »

Tour Blog 28: Heroville Comics!

“Today, we become super-kids!”   Comic books can set your imagination free. And when your imaginationView full post »

Tour Blog 27: Anything Ever

“Ooooh—perfectly imperfect!” Our new song and tour—and awesome tour shirt!—is called “Anything Ever.”View full post »

Tour Blog 26: Finishing Touches

“It’s time for a new adventure!” We’re not sure how it was in your part of the world, but here in Bricktown, itView full post »

Tour Blog 25: Big Band on Campus

Back to school, already? Yep, summertime flies by. You’re back to a new classroom, a new teacher, and a few newView full post »

Tour Blog 24: Making Believe, Again

Hey everyone! We hope summer was great and filled with tons of Good Ones-y moments and memories. School is back inView full post »