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This day went so fast.

So there’s this Paul Westerberg song called “Final Hurrah” where he sings— I don’t ever want to hear theseView full post »


One day at a time they say. You won’t be sad forever they say… I know they’re right. I’m sure ofView full post »


I never believed the expression “when one door closes, another door opens.” My family never had much goodView full post »

The little things

Let me start with a thank you. Thank you for your messages, comments, and kind words. I can feel them lifting my spiritView full post »

Timelines and tears

Blogging has been on mind. Amongst many other things these days… 2 weeks ago today the unimagineable happened.View full post »

Heavy Hearts, Strong Hearts

Friends, Our founder and leader Denise DeMarchis passed away this morning, June 23, 2015. This day has been the year’sView full post »

You May or May Not Have Heard of Me

I would like to start by saying that TGO fans are theeee nicest and coolest people and say thank you for supporting theView full post »

A Puppy Monday

Out of all the members of TGO, I think you’ll find these fluffy boys the cutest. Ya I know that Denise and I areView full post »

What a Good One

Yes. It’s been a good month. Not good to be away from the blog, but good in that we’ve been busy with GOODView full post »

Crew Q & A: New Adventures for Old Pals

We love being members of The Good Ones crew and want to tell you why! So many people on our team are doing amazinglyView full post »


Big things are happening here in Bricktown! We have some new friends to meet and some new adventures to share. NewView full post »

GOOD things come to those who wait…

And that’s what we’ve been doing. And I know that’s what you’ve been doing too! Waiting for theView full post »