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My heart lives in lucky town

Luck O’ the West has been a whirlwind of ups, downs, sad times and happy ones. I think it brought out our trueView full post »

TGO Is in Scrapbooks

I was putting photos in my little one’s keepsake book the other day and it got me thinking… The Good OnesView full post »

Have a Bigggrrr! Adventure

So … my kids can be pretty wild. Most of the time. And sometimes that can be a little frustrating—when I’m tryingView full post »

Be Courageous

Celebrating Denise’s birthday, we’re releasing one of her favorites from our forthcoming Fall 2015 collection—theView full post »

Needles And Pins

We recently had a Pinterest contest in which many charming folks created pin boards titled, “My Little Good Ones”.View full post »

New York State of Mind

New York is the kind of city that makes you feel alive. It makes you feel like you are about to bump into the coolestView full post »

On The Road Again

We’re off to the big apple tomorrow for the ENK Children’s Club Trade Show! We’re packing up ourView full post »

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Although we miss the Vegas palm trees and our new pals, it feels great to be playing in the leaves back here inView full post »

Just Take Us Back to Austin, We Miss That Town…

This week, we welcome special guest blogger, Jami Davis. It never occurred to me that boys could be so wickedly awesomeView full post »

Boys of Summer

Our very own Lauren and Chelsa had a little field trip of their own yesterday. They went  to Gabe’s class atView full post »

Wait and see

I’ve been pretty invisible on the TGO front lately. I promise it’s only because we’ve got GOOD stuffView full post »

Here we go again….

We were up way too late chatting with Jeff and Emily (Fort Wayne folks here in Shanghai) last night.  We went to a realView full post »

My Good One…

Okay so it’s  only fair that since Sam blogged about her Good One Mark on the MJC blog yesterday , that I blogView full post »

First day jitters…

Wow! What a crazy first couple of days! I think we have worked  through most of the glitches.  Fingers crossed! It wasView full post »