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Arlo’s First Hurrah!

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While walking through the aisles and aisles of sameness in the party store and trying to choose a theme for my boy’s first birthday, it hit me.

The Final Hurrah’s would be an AMAZING and super special party theme! Plus my son is way into music and puppies. Anytime he hears The Ramones we have to stop everything for a dance break / tambourine session with our dog Bowie T. Stardust. So The Final Hurrah’s theme was just perfect.

I immediately backed away from the Elmo confetti and started planning the TGO / Final Hurrah’s themed birthday party of my…I mean, my son’s dreams. We hosted a wildly fun cast of characters last weekend and I just couldn’t help but share the highlights with you.

The festivities took place at the B-Side, a music venue housed within the walls of The Good Ones and One Lucky Guitar HQ. The space has high ceilings, brick walls, pretty paper lanterns and is always littered with amazing instruments. It was perfect.

Emma (TGO graphic designer), Cheryl (my mom) and I dreamt up every detail. We tried to think about what The Final Hurrahs would really really love at their bday bashes.

We had a great time choosing the menu for the occasion. Fizzy Soda (TFH favorite soda) was, of course, the drink of choice. Cake pops that looked like mini microphones were the ultimate karaoke/snack combo. The snack bowls were made from melted records and filled with little good ones’ favorite finger foods. The cake (my grandmother’s recipe) was topped with tiny cutouts of our favorite band, along with a birthday shout out to the little man of honor.

The birthday boy wore the suuuuuper comfy Savory Waffle which features his favorite rock ‘n’ roll dogs. (12M pants are still a tad long on our little dude so he just wore jeans.) It was really fun when guests made the connection and were shocked that the party set even “came with cool clothes”.

The decor was simple but packed a lil TGO-flavored, rock ‘n’ roll punch. Records and 8-track tapes were used as table decor. Miles of tape from cassettes doubled as streamers and balloon weights. We lined the walls with little xylophones, ukes and tambourines.. and even found a tiny accordion to display. Life-size versions of The Final Hurrah’s were armed with signs to show guests the way and also later served as a backdrop for cake smashing photo ops. Oh and teeny tiny California Starlight tour vans were parked neatly on every table.

We had such a great time putting this together that we have included some downloads so you can create your very own Final Hurrahs / TGO themed party at home! Download the coloring pages for a party activity or a take home treat. Print out TFH characters and cut them out for cake toppers, party hat decor or whatever creative ideas you come up with. You can even print out the California Starlight Tour Van! Just print on card stock, cut along the pink die lines, fold it up and you’re ready to hit the road.

It was just such a fun afternoon and I can’t wait to hear about your Final Hurrah party adventures. I’m so happy that my little fella’s first birthday could be filled with such lovely people and include a theme that is so very near and dear to my heart.





Post a comment telling us how you would use the party materials or your creative ideas for rock ‘n’ roll parties.

One lucky commenter will win a whole outfit, including the Savory Waffle for your little good one’s party outfit.



Downloadable Party Decor 

Click on the images below to download, print, cut out and enjoy!


We used these characters on party hats, as table decor and a cake topper but use your imagination!


We printed these Fizzy Soda labels on sheets of sticker paper, cut them out and attached them to various glass bottles of colorful soda.

We printed these out on 11×17 card stock paper, cut out with Exacto blade and folded them up to use as table decor and balloon weights.

*Alternate idea: If you cut a slit in the very top it turn this little van into a bank.

February 4, 2016 - 10:11 pm

Amanda - This is such a COOL party! Thanks for the printable a & a Happy 1st to your Good One :)

February 5, 2016 - 3:24 pm

amy j. - I would print out the printables & have children color them, then paste them on the walls for decorations to any party!

February 19, 2016 - 11:00 am

Priscilla bockelman - So fun! The possibilities are endless…my son is 9…so keroke/dance contests, air guitar routines, Name this tune, guitar pick necklaces as party favors, “rock”y road ice cream, fruit “roll” ups…love this idea

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