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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Tour Blog 8: NEW MERCH

Working the merch stand is pretty awesome. I get to meet fans of the band, trade stories about where we’ve beenView full post »

Tour Blog 7: Stack ‘Em Up

Every guitar player has their favorite guitar / amp combination. Tone. Character. Looks. You ever wonder how an electricView full post »

Boys of Summer

Our very own Lauren and Chelsa had a little field trip of their own yesterday. They went  to Gabe’s class atView full post »

Tour Blog 6: Advancing the Tour!

Hey everyone, it’s Paulie here. We’re coming up on finishing our first month on tour. It’s the middleView full post »

TGO has Class……

Oh today! We had a little Kindergarten adventure here at MJC and TGO. Gabe’s class came for a tour of Matilda JaneView full post »

Wait and see

I’ve been pretty invisible on the TGO front lately. I promise it’s only because we’ve got GOOD stuffView full post »


Gotta say, pretty much the only bad part of being on tour is missin’ mom. It’s like we sing on “WeightView full post »

Enjoy your “Good”ies…..

What an exciting week it has been so far! I mean what can I say besides THE ROAD TRIP HOODIE IS FINALLY HERE!…lolView full post »

Tour Blog 4: Writin’ Songs

There are hundreds of ways to try to write songs. But sometimes, you just get stumped. Does that ever happen to you? DoView full post »

Weight of the World Music Video

We’re celebrating the release of the Roadtrip Hoodie and Stage Stack Tee with The Good Ones’ second musicView full post »


Hey everyone We’re super-excited to announce that this Monday, May 7th (9AM EST), we’ll be adding theView full post »