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This day went so fast.

So there’s this Paul Westerberg song called “Final Hurrah” where he sings—

I don’t ever want to hear these words again:
“If only we had, I wish that we did.”
You’re my latest last chance, my final hurrah
this day went so fast, I barely even saw you…

Paul Westerberg singing the truth is like getting a black eye from being punched by a flower petal. (Do it again, Paul.)

Halfway into The Good Ones Clothing’s life, we renamed our band after that song—all hail The Final Hurrahs!

Adrian, Stuart, Franklin, Bullfrog and Paulie: you have tattooed our lives.

I’m writing this blog today to everyone who ever gave a damn about The Good Ones Clothing. I’m writing to thank you for doing so.
Here’s the news: over the coming weeks, we’re going to close up the shop.

We’ll have a couple of sales online, another right here at 433 for all you Fort Wayners (and wide-eyed dreamers who always imagined visiting here someday), and then we’ll donate the rest of our inventory to a few charities that we’re especially fond of.

The Good Ones is not “going out of business”—rather, we’re going on an indefinite hiatus. When and if we return, reimagined, we might be a creative outlet for products developed at One Lucky Guitar, or maybe as a cartoon or graphic novel, or as a record label for music that makes people jump up and down and pump their fists in the air and fall in love and incites kids to want to write songs and play instruments. Whatever. Something.

What we will not primarily be is a children’s clothing company.

When Denise, Sam and I started the company, I tried to make a little “business plan”—it was literally one side of an 8.5×11 sheet of paper, nothing more. Denise laughed and said, “You’re silly. Can we just have fun?”

We could. And we did.

We didn’t start the company for any reason other than that we wanted to start a business together. To collaborate, to create, to work our asses off—always—and maybe, to change some kids’ lives.

We could. And we did.

We wanted to start a company that was actually a band—more powerful together, more confident together, more creative together, more fun together, more successful together. More brave, more courageous, more happy. Together.

We could. And we did.

But here’s the thing: I didn’t want to own and run a children’s clothing company.

I wanted to own and run a children’s clothing company with Denise DeMarchis.

And so: onward.

You talk about blood & sweat? Everyone who touched this company went all in.

Denise believed in this team, and inspired it. I particularly saw her unpredictable talents and soul reflected in Sam, Olivia, Emma and my own Ruby Dylan. They, and all of us really, will keep the mercury moving.

To David and Sam, may we sing karaoke and laugh real tears in the middle of a New York City night, again? Yes, let’s. And in the morning, make mine a tall house, bit of ice.

Josh Hall and John Burkett and Tom Galliher and Michelle Huesgen and Joel Faurote and Jami Davis and Shannon Sewell and Shannon Stewart and Julie Martin helped bring this entire idea to life—raucously, vibrantly and passionately. Thank you.

I want to thank my “’95-96 Bulls”—my friends Paige Strong, Leslee Hill, Carrie Seiferman, Amy Patton, Bridget Pearson, Stacey Clark, Tammy Davis and my chillbuds Nate Utesch, Drew Kora and Tommy Cutter. We had us a real good time, and made some memories we’ll never, ever forget. Thank you for the time we spent together.

These days I’m on the frontlines with my “2016 Warriors”—the unbelievably amazing Olivia Fabian, Emma McCarron, Jonathan Barker, Shane Starr, Matt Thomas, Michelle Love, Beth Bobay, Kara Hackett, Alex Fabian and my soul brother Jake Sauer, livin’ on the edge and pushing further and farther every day. There’s a war outside that’s raging; we have each other’s backs, ready to take on the world. Thank you for believing. What more could I ask for? Nothing.

Tim Rogers helped name the company, and sang the song “Gray” and another called “The Paragon Café” that you should cue up and spend the rest of the day listening to.

Finally, you can’t do this between 9 and 5, and we didn’t. There was no question asked, but the DeMarchis and Kelley families still answered, simply, “Yes.” We said the company was “for the kids who light fireworks in our souls.” Indeed it was. David, Joe, Gabe; Angie, Henry, Ruby and Charley; Mark. Anything ever.

To Denise, I just want to say that we’re still in the band together, we always will be, and in the quiet moments and in the loud moments I hear your ideas and your passages and I listen intently, and I try my best to play them just like you would. Thank you the most.


April 19, 2016 - 5:44 pm

Nicole - It has been a fun ride. You will be missed!!!

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

April 19, 2016 - 5:58 pm

Stacey Carey - I love you all so much… I am so sad and a bit broken hearted of sorts…. So much love…. Thank you ❤️

April 19, 2016 - 6:03 pm

Mama Hope - That’s beautiful. She made dreams come true and left a trail of tears behind her with her Final Hurrah!

April 19, 2016 - 6:33 pm

Lois owen - Sending love, hugs, and warm wishes for all the days ahead and the adventures they hold for you!

April 19, 2016 - 6:35 pm

Erin - Onward!
This brought tears to my eyes. My son loves his Good Ones. I was here when you began and have enjoyed the ride.

April 19, 2016 - 7:43 pm

Stephanie McCormick - I love EACH and EVERY one of you! My heart aches for my children who are only a few glimmers in all the lives that you have touched. I am done so so sad, to hear this is truly coming to fruition.
But, we can not thank you all enough for the memories and moments, that yall helped us create. You were a HUGE part of our families life…. I will forever be in your debts.

April 19, 2016 - 9:15 pm

April - Lovely and moving words and love for your friend. THANK YOU for TGO! Our family (especially me, Mom) has been blessed by your labor and art. “Take courage with you wherever you go.”

April 19, 2016 - 10:56 pm

Caitlin Gossen - MK, you are the best!
Keep on!
Denise is very proud. :)

April 20, 2016 - 12:39 am

Katie - I’m proud to own your clothes, I’m proud to say we were able to support every bit of The Good Ones. Thank you for being you. You will be missed.

April 20, 2016 - 10:05 am

Belis B. - My heart aches and soars and sings, for and with you all! I love what you have created, what you stand for and mean for one another – the passion, the fun, the good life lived and keepin’ on. Keep creating, keep rockin’, keep loving – for our boys, for our girls, for ourselves – Hugs to all, and a special spiritual hug for our Big Soul in the Sky! <3

April 20, 2016 - 6:03 pm

Rebecca Cressman - I know you don’t know me, Matt Kelley, but I just want you to know that when Denise spoke about you, her whole face lit up. She loved The Good Ones and she loved you and Sam too! I totally understand you not wanting to keep this going without her. She was certainly something special and can never be replaced. Just know that you held a special place in her heart and she would want you to do whatever makes you happy!!

April 21, 2016 - 1:22 pm

Ann Aylward - Matt, I heard your name so many times before I met you that I thought you were an old friend of mine. I’m sorry for your loss, my friend.

May 2, 2016 - 4:03 pm

Amber - Beautiful. Onward indeed.

Time for Good Vibes

You have all been sending so much love to us lately and we feel the time is right to send some serious Good Vibes back to you.

We love and appreciate your support so very much and invite you to submit someone you know who might appreciate a nice note and a box of goodies sent their way. This could be someone who may have had a rough go recently or someone who just deserves a high five.

Please send us note about this little someone and why they are so very special, along with the age, size, name and address of the nominee to We’ll pick out a few and send out the Good Vibes packages anonymously.



March 15, 2016 - 8:23 pm

Patricia Buckaloo - You all are just fantastic!!! One of the best companies ever. I am so glad that I got to know this company. God Bless y’all!!!!

My heart lives in lucky town

Luck O’ the West has been a whirlwind of ups, downs, sad times and happy ones. I think it brought out our true grit and spirit to persevere and to see things through. It made us realize that we are a family and can truly count on one another for a helping hand or a high five at any moment.

Throughout the process of bringing Luck O’ the West to life, we have experienced so much and have done our very best to do things to the level of Denise’s wonderful, beautiful standards.

I am happy to be able to show you part of the original collection (as Matt said, much more was designed but ultimately not produced). We chose our absolute favorite pieces, the items that we felt would be your little one’s new favorites too. Since the collection is so tight, I really love all the pieces but am especially excited about the outfits that can be made with these new items.

Here are a few of my faves…

The Bass Player from Austin Outfit 

I love the Fancy Checkered Pants with the I Will Be Tee and the Good Luck Button-up overtop – sheriff badge optional. I feel like if you were sitting in a venue and saw that outfit walk in you would say, “yeah… that dude is definitely in the band”. And a tiny version of “yeah… that dude is definitely in the band” outfit is really just the greatest thing ever.

The Urban Rock Climber Outfit

Another combo that I thought was especially cool was the Luck O’ the West Tee with the Rockin & Wranglin Button-up and the Dreamer shorts. Top it off with the Good-est Hat for added flair points. It’s little bit rock climber and a little bit hipster but cool either way.

The Dressy-is-not-Boring Outfit 

The dressy outfit that I’m really loving is the Fancy Checkered Pants, the Good Luck Button-up and the Haberdash II Necktie. I feel this look would be really cool for Kindergarten graduation or a nice brunch outing with the grandparents. Say it with me- dressy does not have to be boring.

The I-want-to-be-a-cowgirl-when-I-grow-up Outfit 

A cowgirl outfit should be cute but authentic. No need for sequins or tulle. Just little cowgirl boots and lots of confidence. I felt the Hot Wasabi Tee under the Rockin & Wranglin Button-up, paired with a little denim skirt and boots was a super great option for any cowgirl in training.


I feel so proud to have helped bring this collection to life. It’s tough to even put into words the love and admiration I have for the people I work with, for this brand and for everything it stands for. I feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing team and to have had the opportunity to learn from the best one ever.





February 26, 2016 - 12:20 pm

Belis B. - It’s precious, just like each of you!! It warms my heart to know that these tough times have brought you all together as a family, as you are. Best of luck to all as you face the winds of change, know that we walk beside you all the way!!


Luck o’ the West is here!

We had the time of our lives with this one. I’m looking at emails in my “LotW” folder and it’s a year ago this very week that Denise, Sam and our TGO crew were shooting around ideas for the collection—things we’d always wanted to do, things that we knew absolutely must be done.

April 1 2015, Sam’s birthday, we sent over the first logo for the collection, and she and Denise both replied with enthusiasm that is inappropriate for me to quote in an all-ages environment like this blog. We loved what we were building, just like always.



Ultimately, Luck o’ the West is a smaller collection than we originally envisioned (and indeed designed)—but it’s tight, creative and so, so, soooo good.

If you think about everything* you ever loved about The Good Ones, you’re going to find it again in this release: from the incredible designs and unexpected details from Denise and Sam—better than ever with this collection—to the amazing illustrations and conceptual ideas from Jake, Olivia, Emma and Jonathan, Luck o’ the West plays out like our “greatest hits” album.

(* Missing are our friends in The Final Hurrahs; we released their designs last summer, living life loud with our striped collection and Backstage Pass tees! But trust us, they were a huge part of this collection’s journey, too.)

When we started this company, we said it was for the kids “who light fireworks in our souls.”

Luck o’ the West sure is.

From the Rockin’ & Wranglin’ Button-Up to the Paw Pick Pantalones, your firework-lighter is going to be breaking hearts and busting eardrums. We even pay tribute to Tim Rogers, who helped name the company back in late 2011 when I went to see him in Portland OR, with the Fancy Checkered Pants. As Tim would say, this collection “ain’t white bread, it’s raisin toast and jam.”


In the second half of last year, we wondered what to do with Luck o’ the West.

We were feeling unsure. Feeling beat. We were feeling lost.

And then I asked myself, just as I had a thousand times before, “What would Denise do?”

Ask yourself that question, and you won’t feel so lost anymore.

(Try it sometime, it’ll change your life.)

So here’s Luck o’ the West.

We hope you love it the way we loved creating it, and we hope it means as much to you as it does to us—


Matt Kelley and your friends at The Good Ones Clothing



Arlo’s First Hurrah!

*Feel free to scroll down for contest and downloadable goodies*

While walking through the aisles and aisles of sameness in the party store and trying to choose a theme for my boy’s first birthday, it hit me.

The Final Hurrah’s would be an AMAZING and super special party theme! Plus my son is way into music and puppies. Anytime he hears The Ramones we have to stop everything for a dance break / tambourine session with our dog Bowie T. Stardust. So The Final Hurrah’s theme was just perfect.

I immediately backed away from the Elmo confetti and started planning the TGO / Final Hurrah’s themed birthday party of my…I mean, my son’s dreams. We hosted a wildly fun cast of characters last weekend and I just couldn’t help but share the highlights with you.

The festivities took place at the B-Side, a music venue housed within the walls of The Good Ones and One Lucky Guitar HQ. The space has high ceilings, brick walls, pretty paper lanterns and is always littered with amazing instruments. It was perfect.

Emma (TGO graphic designer), Cheryl (my mom) and I dreamt up every detail. We tried to think about what The Final Hurrahs would really really love at their bday bashes.

We had a great time choosing the menu for the occasion. Fizzy Soda (TFH favorite soda) was, of course, the drink of choice. Cake pops that looked like mini microphones were the ultimate karaoke/snack combo. The snack bowls were made from melted records and filled with little good ones’ favorite finger foods. The cake (my grandmother’s recipe) was topped with tiny cutouts of our favorite band, along with a birthday shout out to the little man of honor.

The birthday boy wore the suuuuuper comfy Savory Waffle which features his favorite rock ‘n’ roll dogs. (12M pants are still a tad long on our little dude so he just wore jeans.) It was really fun when guests made the connection and were shocked that the party set even “came with cool clothes”.

The decor was simple but packed a lil TGO-flavored, rock ‘n’ roll punch. Records and 8-track tapes were used as table decor. Miles of tape from cassettes doubled as streamers and balloon weights. We lined the walls with little xylophones, ukes and tambourines.. and even found a tiny accordion to display. Life-size versions of The Final Hurrah’s were armed with signs to show guests the way and also later served as a backdrop for cake smashing photo ops. Oh and teeny tiny California Starlight tour vans were parked neatly on every table.

We had such a great time putting this together that we have included some downloads so you can create your very own Final Hurrahs / TGO themed party at home! Download the coloring pages for a party activity or a take home treat. Print out TFH characters and cut them out for cake toppers, party hat decor or whatever creative ideas you come up with. You can even print out the California Starlight Tour Van! Just print on card stock, cut along the pink die lines, fold it up and you’re ready to hit the road.

It was just such a fun afternoon and I can’t wait to hear about your Final Hurrah party adventures. I’m so happy that my little fella’s first birthday could be filled with such lovely people and include a theme that is so very near and dear to my heart.





Post a comment telling us how you would use the party materials or your creative ideas for rock ‘n’ roll parties.

One lucky commenter will win a whole outfit, including the Savory Waffle for your little good one’s party outfit.



Downloadable Party Decor 

Click on the images below to download, print, cut out and enjoy!


We used these characters on party hats, as table decor and a cake topper but use your imagination!


We printed these Fizzy Soda labels on sheets of sticker paper, cut them out and attached them to various glass bottles of colorful soda.

We printed these out on 11×17 card stock paper, cut out with Exacto blade and folded them up to use as table decor and balloon weights.

*Alternate idea: If you cut a slit in the very top it turn this little van into a bank.

February 4, 2016 - 10:11 pm

Amanda - This is such a COOL party! Thanks for the printable a & a Happy 1st to your Good One :)

February 5, 2016 - 3:24 pm

amy j. - I would print out the printables & have children color them, then paste them on the walls for decorations to any party!

February 19, 2016 - 11:00 am

Priscilla bockelman - So fun! The possibilities are endless…my son is 9…so keroke/dance contests, air guitar routines, Name this tune, guitar pick necklaces as party favors, “rock”y road ice cream, fruit “roll” ups…love this idea